Cosmetic Tattooing

Sick of spending too much time every morning drawing on your eyebrows or perfecting your eyeliner? Wish there was another way? Well now there is, and it is here at Pure Envi!

We are offering the best quality and latest techniques in Semi Permanent make up including Eyebrow Feathering, Ombre Brows, Eyeliner and Lips. Our Cosmetic Tattooist Sam is highly skilled and has had previous knowledge in the beauty industry. We use top of the range pigments and equipment to ensure we deliver the best possible results.  Sam is an extreme perfectionist so you will feel comfortable knowing you are in the right hands with her.

Our Prices

Feather Stroke Eyebrows – $400
Ombre Brows – $450
Combo Brows – $450

Top Eyeliner – $300
Bottom Eyeliner – $280
Eyeliner Combo – $550
– Add Wing + $50
– Add extra Thickness + $50
Lip Liner – $400
Lip Blend – $450
Full Lips – $500
Ombre Lips – $550

Additonal Touch Up (up to 3months) – from $90
Colour Refresher (6-8months) – from $200
Colour Refresher (9-12months) – from $250
Colour Refresher (12- 18months) – from $300
**Above touch up prices are for existing clients only

Please note: Colour Refresh prices do not include reshaping, adding extra colour to thicken up, or upgrading techniques. If you are wanting to add on or change the shape of your existing brow tattoo there will be an extra charge.

If you have had Cosmetic Tattooing previously by another technician and are after a Colour Refresh please organise a complimentary consultation with our Tattooist to discuss pricing.

We offer free no obligation consultations with our tattooist for more information.

**Please Note: Upon booking an appointment that exceeds one hour we require a deposit of $50 to secure your appointment. A long service appointment cannot be made without this deposit. At the completion of your appointment the deposit amount will be taken off your total service. To avoid any inconvenience, we kindly ask that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice. Cancellations* within 24 hours of your appointment or the case of a no show will result in your deposit being forfeited. *We understand circumstances change, if you are unable to attend your appointment please contact the salon ASAP.