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Lash Extension Aftercare

How you maintain your lashes is key to keeping your lashes absolutely PERFECT and fluffy. As therapists, nothing makes us happier than when when our clients come into the salon for an infill and we can see that they have clearly been taking care of their lashes! As we take pride in our lashes we hope you do too!

This post is going to be dedicated to educating EVERYONE on looking after their beautiful lashes!


What you SHOULD be doing:

  • Brushing your lashes every day with your mascara wand. You know how you brush your hair everyday to keep it nice, sleek and un tangled? Same goes for your lashes! Brushing your lashes everyday is key to keeping your lashes looking fresh and fluffy as it keeps your lashes separate and stops them from clumping together. After every appointment your Therapist will supply you with a mascara wand!
  • Cleansing your lashes every day with your specifically designed lash cleanser. Using a lash cleanser that’s specifically designed for your lashes will ensure that your lashes last a long time! As the cleanser won’t disturb the lash glue, it’s 100% better than any make-up wipes, as wipes can and will mess with the lash glue and detach your false lashes. NOT what you want ladies! Plus the lash cleanser cleans WAY better than any make-up remover in a heart beat! Here at Pure Envi we use Lash & Brow Professional Lash Cleanser Kit ($34.95) Each kit contains 1 x Foaming Lash Cleanser 1 x Cleansing Brush 1 x Eyelash Brush.
  • Booking an eyelash infill every 2-3 weeks. Making sure you’re re-booking eyelash in fills is CRUCIAL to ensuring that your lashes are always in tip top shape, as you naturally lose between 1-5 lashes everyday. Who doesn’t want their lashes looking perfect everyday.


What you SHOULDN’T be doing:

  • Wearing eye make-up! This is something that we tell all of our clients because we take pride in our lashes and we hope you do too! Wearing eye make-up, especially if it contains oils, will dissolve the lash glue and therefore detach your extensions. If you really need to wear eye makeup, we suggest using our Lash & Brow Professional Lash Cleanser Kit (as seen above) So that you can remove your make-up safely and without dissolving the lash glue so your lashes are always looking fabulous!
  • Rubbing & pulling your lashes. This is a one way ticket to completely removing your lashes & messing up! This is a HUGE no no! If your eyes start to feel itchy gently pat your eyelids until the itching stops, or if you believe that it’s the lashes which are causing your problems, PLEASE book in to get them Professionally removed! If you attempt to remove them yourself, you will also be removing your natural lashes and will end up with no lashes.
  • Coming into your infill appointment with eye make-up on. As we have very strict appointment time restraints, and are tend to be booked back to back, to get the most out of your infill appointment we require clients to come in with no eye-makeup on, as it’s very time consuming removing all of the make-up, and extra eyelashes tend to fall out when we’re cleaning your lashes, therefore extra time and work for us, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your appointment!


Eyelash Extension Pricelist:

Full Set of Lashes: $100
2 Week Infill: $45
3 Week Infill: $55
4 Week Infill: $70

Call or Message Pure Envi to book now! 54775372

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