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Tanning Tips ~ 21/08/2019

Bridgett March, June 2019


Before and during your tan _________________________________________________________________________

Harknett says, to ensure the best spray tan results, “as well as post-tan maintenance and care it’s essential to be mindful of the ultimate prep to the body.” And here are his golden rules.

“Firstly, endless days of exfoliating is not going to do you any favours. It’s actually important that you haven’t sloughed away all your dead skin as this is what DHA, the tanning agent, clings onto to darken the skin. Try and do a gentle exfoliation, a good 12-hours before your spray tan application and then leave the skin bare and free from any form of body lotion, moisturiser and oil. Feedback from my clients at the W Away Spa have commented that their tans were darker and seamless when they didn’t over-scrub too close to the spray tan application.”

Hair removal
“Hair removal is also a vital thing to time effectively. Waxing and shaving both strip the skin and leave pores open. Guide colour from the spray solution can therefore sit in the pores and look noticeable, so shave a good 24 hours before tanning. When it comes to waxing, do it even more in advance as the wax can leave a barrier on the skin that blocks the tan from penetrating evenly.”

Barrier cream
“For the most natural result, your tanner should spot-apply a thin layer of moisturiser as a barrier to stop the tan from grabbing too much–and therefore developing too dark–on areas like the hands, elbows, knees and feet. The skin is prone to being drier and more delicate in these areas, and can pick up the colour more readily.”

“At the end of your spray tan, a good therapist should also remove the tan from your fingernails, toenails, and the palms of your hands using a cleansing cloth or similar. This way you won’t get stained nails, or orange palms.”

Clothing and footwear
“On the day of your spray tan wear something loose and flowing. Go braless if possible, so that while your tan is developing the straps don’t get warm and rub against the skin and cause patchiness. Flip flops or pumps are ideal, but if you are wearing shoes ask your therapist to sprinkle a little talc over your feet if you’re putting socks back on.”

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